The dish

If you found this site, Great Hotel Restaurants, it’s because you’re a true-blue foodie — someone who finds great pleasure in sitting down to a great meal prepared by great chefs. Through the years, you’ve been to the best restaurants all over the world and have enjoyed some unforgettable meals. Thought you’ve seen and tasted it all.

But it’s what you haven’t seen that you’ve been missing.

Did you know that some of the most delicious meals are being prepared in restaurants that are mostly hidden from the public eye, not visible from the street as you are driving past or walking by? Fabulous restaurants tucked away past the check-in counters and lobbies of some of the finest – and quirkiest – hotels.

These restaurants may be owned by the hotel – or in many cases, operated privately, but in partnership with an overnight destination.

Hidden gems of the culinary world

These dining experiences are worth “checking into (pardon the pun),” as more often than not, their kitchens are being run by award-winning, world-class chefs.

The best part is, you don’t have to be an overnight guest to enjoy a good meal at a hotel restaurant. Walk-in diners and locals from the neighborhood are always welcome.

Our culinary travel writers are on the hunt for the great foods and flavors of hotel restaurants all over the world. And we will serve them up to you right here, so that you can taste for yourself what you’ve been missing.

Great Hotel Restaurant Dining Locations & Reviews